Funny Gifts: The Desk Butt Buddy

If the earlier fashionable shoe tape dispenser we featured wasn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’ll like this distinctly less girly one:

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite office accessory, the desk butt buddy! Fill his commode with paper clips, and give him a big roll of scotch tape take care of any sticky situations and he’s all set! Not only that but he’ll also happily hold onto any pens for you. You couldn’t ask for a better desk buddy really..

You can get your own here.

Funny Gifts: Waiter there’s a shark in my coffee…

It’s a nice day. You sip on your wonderful warm cup of tea, you lift your head up from the cup and then.. (cue Jaws music…)


This cool mug is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of unsuspecting sippers!

You can get your very own Shark Attack mug here.

Funny Gifts: Denture Ice Cubes

Picture this scene: You’re at a dinner party and you sweetly offer to make a cold drink for your guests. Oh, you want your water on the rocks? Here you go!

And you plonk this down in front of them:

Yes, this isn’t your granny’s dentures in a glass, it really is an ice cube shaped exactly like them.

Nothing like some (very) false teeth to break the ice at any dinner party! Cool, no? :)

(You can buy it here)

Funny gifts: Pick that Nose Pencil Sharpener

Why pick your nose when your pencil can pick one for you?

This fun idea for a sharpener is sure to keep your pencils sharp and your onlookers amused.

You can get your very own nose pencil sharpener here.

Cool ideas: Cupcake Flavor Toothpaste!

Are you fed up with your ordinary mint flavored toothpaste? Are you looking for something more fun to brush your teeth with? Well, this cupcake toothpaste might do the trick!

We genuinely think it’s a cool idea to shake things up in the bathroom! Afterall, who doesn’t like cupcakes?!

You can try your very own cupcake toothpaste here

Funny gifts: Bug bags! To keep people away from your food

Would you want to eat this?

I know I wouldn’t! Fred and Friends have created this ingenius way of keeping your house or work mates’ grubby hands off your chow!

Each bag comes with a picture of a helpful bug on it to guard your food for you.

Weird but Cool: Chewing Gum Shaped Magnets

Looking for slightly unusual magnets for your fridge? How abotu these chewed up chewing gum shaped magnets from Fred & Friends?

They come in four delicious “flavors”: bubble gum,spearmint, peppermint, and tutti-frutti!

chewing gum magnets